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The Artist
Welcome! You have just found the icon journal of broadwayheathy, also known as Heathy. I am a twenty-one year old girl going in my senior year of college. When I am not dancing, drawing, talking with my friends and having a social life, I make pretty icons, banners and sometimes other things… when I am not so lazy!
Being a college student, this journal has died... for the most part. I will try to update it whenever possible.
My icon journal is members only. Please join up, and I will accept you! Please understand that this is for the protection of my icons. I have already had a great deal of them stolen.

While here, you must follow a few simple rules, which are:

[x]Comment and Credit: ALWAYS
[x]Don’t take my icons and call them yours
[x]Requests are done on the request page
[x]Just join up, no need to ask!
[x] If you disrepect me or a member, you will be removed!
[x]I do make layouts, but only when I have time, so be patient
[x]I am a senior in high school, I can’t be here everyday!
[x]Have Fun and Enjoy

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Here are a few samples!

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